September 19, 2023

We are delighted to discover these beautiful images of a performance painting Niccolò Masini and Elettra Bottazzi created at The Watermill Center in Long Island, New York in 2022 🧡 It reminds us of another performance by Niccolò, titled ‘Nomadic Resilience’, which took place in El Boujdour, Western Sahara for our supported project Islands of Time in 2019.

Images 1-5:

Reframing Landscapes - STAND, The Watermill Center, New York (USA). Niccolò Masini in collaboration with Elettra Bottazzi / Performance: 6x2m, local pigments, water, dust, crafted tools, and used engine oil on linen, 2022. Photo credits, Marina Baranova.

Image 6:

Nomadic Resilience -“Memory as a form of resilience”, (Performance), 2019, 6 x 2 m, Sahara’s sand, water, camp’s water, dust, pigments, and used engine oil on linen, El Boujdour Refugee camp, Western Sahara territories (In collaboration with Escuela de Formación Audiovisual Abidin Kaid Salehand and the Resistance Sahara Documentary by Sidal Ergüder- Zero state productions Ltd).

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