September 14, 2022

Islands of Time / Location 04 - Buenos Aires (AR) / Argentina - October/December 2021. In collaboration with Curator Renata Zas, Pablo Caligaris / La Ira de Dios, AOS Residency, Marcelo Huernos and MUNTREF - Museo de la Inmigración Buenos Aires.

As part of Niccolò Masini’s research project, the work ´To be made of dust and errant trajectories´plays within the relationship between the farming industry and the migratory processes that originated within the re-formulation of the Argentinian territory; their strategies, convergences, and layering firmly gaze upon the capitalization and civilization of the land and its habitants. The cartographic and territorial division of the world fostered to accomplish extractivist activities in the so-called “new” world. Therefore, the violence of the civilizing project results in its relation to its territorial errancy, problematizing the dichotomy between its systematic exploitation and divisionism.

In dialogue with local institutions, collaborators, and partners and due to several field-research phases throughout the country, the trilingual text plays at the interplay of the representation of memory and the archive. The video essay aims to re-considering how mobility affected the boundaries of those who migrated, those who remained in Europe, and those who have been excluded from this re-allocation process. All the particles of life’s stories intertwine within a past and possible future to divert from a clear consequentiality of the so-called Modernity’s constitutive elements.

Niccolò Masini AOS Residency, Dairoux Provence - December 2021, Argentina.

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