May 15, 2024

Over the next three days, our supported project, the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, will be holding daily synthesizer workshops followed by a unique live performance from each group. Everyone is welcome to attend the final presentation, which will be taking place every day during Superbooth at 1:30pm in the Auditorium of FEZ Berlin.

On top of the stacked Superbooth programme that awaits us at FEZ-Berlin, we also recommend you to attend the Sooperweek events taking place at some of Berlin’s finest clubs and culture venues, including OHM Berlin, KulturRaum Zwingli-Kirche e.V., Berghain / Panorama Bar, KaterBlau, Moving Poets Novilla, Klunkerkranich and VOID Berlin.

Did you know our co-founder, Daniel Miller, and his longtime friend and collaborator, Gareth Jones, will be performing as #Sunroof alongside Richie Hawtin during the official Superbooth afterparty at Watergate Club on Saturday? See you there!