February 3, 2022

How visual compositions can be abstracted and reinterpreted with sound was explored by students of the The Berlin University of Arts in collaboration with the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at the last Superbooth21.

Thought up by Rüdiger Wenk aka Phonoschrank, “Abstract Visual Reference” is a special composition technique for a special instrument, the modular synthesizer.

In the first part of this audio/visual workshop, students of Berlin’s University of the Arts prepared various abstract sketches. These drawings then provided physical points of reference, which the young artists interpreted using 12 modular synthesizers. An experimental art project with some fascinating results.

Rüdiger Wenk (Phonoschrank) researches and teaches in the field of “Abstract Visual Reference” at the University of the Arts, is a noise artist and has been expressing himself through his modular system for about 15 years. Gammon, composes for theater, dance and film and has been involved with the modular synthesizer since 1995, leading the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble project.