June 11, 2022

On Friday our founders Diáne Zillmer and Daniel Miller were guests at the Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. (Archive for Youth Culture) in Berlin.
An overwhelming archive of international pop and subcultures, collections of the first fanzines (1955), magazines and records of the beginnings of punk, hip hop, new wave and techno, graffiti and street art and club culture opened up to us. The association runs a specialised scientific library and owns a collection of more than 55,000 magazines as well as holdings of posters, sound recordings, AV media, artworks and testimonials from national and international scene figures. Anyone interested in cultural contemporary history, youth studies, sources from Berlin's local history (from the first Hip Hip Album in 1989, recordings of the Love Parade, youth and political education) as well as pop and subcultures should not miss this place. It was an honour to get an insight into such valuable work. We are proud that our collectors edition of our Humanletter become now part of this historic archiv. Thank you Daniel Schneider! We look forward to new prospective collaborations.

More info at https://www.jugendkulturen.de/english.html

Autograph card (the biggest ever) from "Die tödliche Doris", 1987